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Terravoid has been a thought and an idea of creator Oliver Palmquist (vocalist of the Death Metal band PHIDION) since 2009. Ten years later, in 2019 the time was right to finally realize the idea.

Oliver has teamed up with guitarist Nino Vukovik (guitarist of Technical Speed Metal bands IMMACULATE and TYRANEX) and after two years in progress they spawned their debut EP called "Ectogenesis", which was  released on their own record label Liminal Spaces Distribution.

“Ectogenesis” takes you on a sonic journey through a dark, dystopian Science Fiction world where technology eventually outruns humanity and nature once again claims its throne in the life cycle.


Musically  the album takes you back to the heavy and dark Prog Metal that swept over the world in the mid 00’s with bands like NEVERMORE, COMMUNIC and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. Terravoid also adds a layer of eerie ambience and keyboard passages quite similar to JOHN CARPENTER and LUSTMORD.

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